AwesomeLead Programmer, Lead Mapper, 2D Artist, Modeler

 RicochetBot Navigation Mapper

 HawkeLead Modeler

 Nathan Hale Historical Adviser

 Silentsands Modeler

 Unas, Sebek German Voices, Community Leaders

 Sasha, Kasos French Voices

 James Asner Modeler

Rumpel Modeler

Torkilon Modeler

Special Thanks

The Battle Grounds has a huge number of contributors and former team members who have passionately created content and added to its success over the years. Some of their names appear below.

VisualMelon, Roob, HairyPotter, Laguna, Tjoppen, Klifsnider, MPC, Forlorn Hope, Jlea, Peacekeeper, Sharp, Arquebusier, JackX, Robert Stoneman, Dain, BlackPanther, Travis, HuRR, Draco, Predator, Bugi, HelperMonkey, Majoris, Ingurum, tomdon, Primzahl, Jadeo, Dr Egon, Spiki2001, Sgt. Garvey, UH Mantis, Slash, Ben^, GK, Jackhammer, Sgt_Pepper, NegIon, Butters, CkDead, DarkNemisis, Evert, MrFu, TalShiar, Wacco, Alienated, Arrow, Baer, Chad, Croque, Dark.MenacE, De KoFfie, Dehler, Dragunov, Gorak, JKnight, Jackal, Jason, Jmechy, JonM, Jowo, Monkfish, Nirbana, PytagorasMoD, R3skeEn, Ratking, Render, Sammeh, Shadows, SugarHighMan, Tavington, WAR-HEAD, Whiskas, jRocket Roska, Seebaer, AngryTaxpayer, AngryIRSAgent, Grantelbart, Jake Parlay, Steve, Gecko, Postal Dude and everyone else who has helped us.

Thanks to the 3D, 29th, and 12th clans for their years of dedication and support.

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